Ornament of the Eve: Strike! (EtsyBrook’s Bowling Holiday Party)

(Bowling Ornament by Veronicas Arts)

Last night was the EtsyBrook holiday party, which involved me and my brilliant web programmer, Westbrook, going bowling and drinking copious amounts of Stella Artois.  I had warned Westbrook that I am a “full body bowler,” but he, like everyone else who first watches me hurl an eight-pound ball down that shiny lane, couldn’t help but laugh when watching my intense kickback on the first few rolls.  In addition to flailing my right leg behind me for propulsion mid-launch, I have also been known to hop on one leg while trying to wordlessly coax the ball to edge out that last pin, and am required by law to do a “Bowling Dance” every time I get a strike or a spare.  It is the kickback, however, that left me sore this morning, as it always does.  Bowling is a sport alright.  My inner right thigh is burning, my lower back is cramped, and a quarter of my right thumbnail has been torn off.  I feel like I’ve been to war.  A war that I won by four out of five games, not to rub it in or anything, Westbrook.

Anyway, tonight’s ornament celebrates a successful party, and EtsyBrook’s first holiday season.  Can’t wait to do more of these with you folks.  Though next year I’m taking this party to the roller rink.  No injuries possible there…

Ornament of the Eve: It’s All About Chemistry

'Tis the season to be geeky.

(Holiday Chemistry Science Ornament by ShopGibberish)

Ornament of the Eve: Stubby the Rocket?

I’m working on a post for Tor.com tonight, so this seems apropos.

(Steampunk Tree Ornament by Brute Force Studios)

Ornament of the Eve: Slimeballs

Nothing says Christmas like blue boogers.

(Slimeball Ornaments by babymeats)

Ornament of the Eve: Win Big

In celebration of my grandmother’s epic $4 win against the ladies in Delray Beach yesterday.  Keep creamin’ em grandma.  No mercy.

(Vintage Mah Jongg Tile Holiday Ornaments by KiloFoxtrot5)

Ornament of the Eve: With A Cherry On Top

Imma eatchoo.

(Pink Cupcake Ornament by gartogrl)

Ornament of the Eve: Fine Literature

Personally I’m on Team Can We Please Stop Talking About These Books/Movies Already.  Still, this is for all the TwiMoms in the house.

(Twilight Christmas Ornament by EcologicEpilogue)

Ornament of the Eve: Artoo

Clean the sand out of his gears and a Princess Leia hologram will deliver you a happy holiday message.

(R2-D2 Glass Ornament by NerdFreakinTastic)

Ornament of the Eve: Alein Road Trip

All they want for Christmas is for you to take them to your leader.

(Space Alien Road Trip Ornament by Full Snow Moon)