Welcome to Hobbiton, Kids.

When I was little, one of my very favorite toys was the classic Little Tikes playhouse.  You know the plastic one with the landline and the slight barnyard feel?

I made so many six year-old boys play house with me in this thing, I’ve lost track of all my illegitimate children.

Since then, playhouses have grown slightly more complex. 

Bay front windows!  JEALOUS!

But I wonder how many little girls, or boys for that matter, are acute enough to appreciate the awesomeocity of the Hobbit Hole Playhouse:

"Frodo!  I’m Home!" (Hobbit Hole Playhouse by Wooden Wonders)

Can you imagine how many little lads and lasses would be initiated into Love-of-Middle-Earthdom with an introduction like this one?  Domed roof?  ROUND DOOR?  Hell, I want one of these as a 29 year-old adult.  Do you think it will fit in my apartment?  I seriously would sleep in this thing every night, curled up with my tiny little boyfriend and My Precious under my pillow.