We have a T-Rex.

(Jurassic Park Duct Tape Wallet by moistsnailpoop)

My obsession with Jurassic Park is becoming fairly well-documented on this here blog, and based on the number of crafty people who have paid homage to Spielberg’s prehistoric crew of animatronic carnivores, clearly I am not alone in my affectionate nostalgia.

"Nature finds a way" to make Jeff Goldblum look sexy, even when depicted by a loony artist’s weak left hand.

(Jurassic Park Movie Scene Drawn With Left Hand by The Striking Viking)

Some April Fool’s Day tools for the exceptionally cruel.

(Life Size Dilophosauaurs Model Kit by 3dwizart)

Velociraptors are great at cleaning up in the kitchen after they eat your face.

(Velociraptor Dish Towel by Embroidery Everywhere)

For running from dinosaurs on the loose.

(Hand Painted Jurassic Park Adidas by xneaker)

Hold on to your butts and sink your jaws into more JP-inspired items in our Clever Girl Treasury.